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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Graviton
Same JDS that was outstruck by a wrestler?

Overeem's striking involves kicks/knees along with punches, he is the more dangerous guy standing. JDS's boxing alone won't be a nightmare for a K-1 champ, especially when he doesn't have to worry about takedowns or the ground game of JDS. When this fight happens next year, you will see the difference between their striking game.
he was outstruck by a wrestler because he fought a defensive gameplan. a relentless wrestler that's the #1 HW in the world. that must be recognised.

junior's dealt with plenty of other wrestlers in the past and destroyed them.

overeem is fairly slow and lumbering in his movement, while JDS has the best in-and-out movement in the game. he wouldn't stand there and try to trade with overeem, he would make select shots and counters and pick him apart over the course of the fight. even werdum, a much inferior striker to JDS, was too quick and effective for overeem.

and no way -- NO WAY -- would overeem be able to keep JDS on the ground.
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