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Default Re: Scrubdrick Scrubkins

Originally Posted by TheAesirsFinest
That's in spite of his negative impact on the floor. red1 was making fun of Perkins' tweet:

Kendrick Perkins ‏@KendrickPerkins
Too all my haters , check my win percentage since I Been in Okc , Crazy

It's true though, what he said... which was what I was saying.

In spite? Why would they start a bad player? Dude's career high is like 10 points and 8 rebounds; he's not a numbers guy. You can't look at something and say "This is not a factor." Since OKC got Perkins, they have been dominating. You can say "In spite" but the truth is the truth.

They also say he was "alongside a great defensive player." Isn't Ibaka a talented defender? Shit hasn't changed that much. Perkins is a solid starter who knows what to do. He's starting on the best team in the NBA.

The only downside with Perk is if a team has a small lineup then he can't compete because he's not good enough to post up.

Anyone who thinks OKC would be better off with Collison starting doesn't understand bball.

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