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Default Re: Dirk to the Lakers 2013-2014-only logical choice

Originally Posted by DirkNowitzki41

He breaks up the championship team to get a big fish and once the opportunity comes, he doesnt even go the meeting..

I feel so bad for Dirk when I watch the games..

Nah, I'm sure by the time the meeting took place, it was already pretty much clear that Deron was going to stay with the Nyets.

Cubans big mistakes took place a year earlier. He actually believed
#1: that Deron was actually going to come to Dallas, leaving money on the table to do so
#2: that Deron was was worth letting Chandler go
#3: that it's a smart idea to go into a semi-rebuilding / retooling mode and plan for the next 10 years or so when you've just won a championship and your superstar is on the wrong side of 30.

Each point by istself is already a pretty bad bet. Put together, they were the kind of epic disaster that can only happen to somebody who is completely deluded by his adoration for his own smartness. He's simply the type of guy who will have two ribs removed by a surgeon, just so he can finally s*ck his own d*ck while thinking about his own greatness.

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