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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by knickballer
They always bring that up. People seem to forget that Smith himself is a very athletic QB and that he played in a Spread offense in college so he'd pretty much be able to run this pistol/spread offense we currently are running without any problem.

As for Gore he's not comfortable running out of a pistol offense.. He's used to a pro style offense where he's able to find the right hole to run it at will. LMJ is more of a pistol/spread back.

I feel like Kaep is getting alot of fortunate breaks in his favor. There's been a number of throws which should have been picks and we seem to get alot of fortunate turnovers which results in easy drives.

Crabtree is on fire and it seems he's the only player that has benefited from the switch. Davis has been non existent since the switch so it's all relevant..

Like the throw he just made? Yeah I agree. He's an enigma to me sometimes because at some times he's reading everything and making good decisions. Then suddenly he locks in and tries to force a throw. Youngster I guess. And you're right people do forget how athletic Smith is, but he uses it differently, and Colin has more of it.

And geez it might be time to ring up some kickers. Something is in Akers head and it's not getting out it seems. I heard Joe Nedney talking about it on KNBR the other day but... wonder if he's still in shape...
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