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Default Re: Which is more impressive?

Originally Posted by Yao Ming's Foot
Player A faced teams with better records and better defenses. That was included in the original post.

I don't see evidence of either player's individual playoff stats being impacted based on the strength of their teammates in their history which is why I did not include it. They both have shown the ability to put up great stats with or without all star/HOF teammates.
So one player having a 1st ballot HOF center at his peak as a teammate and the other player having 0 All-Star teammates doesn't mean anything? Right.

This wasn't just "any" point in their history. It was an early stage of their career at a young age getting their first taste/experience of a deep playoff run. So yes, in my opinion, things like role on the team, teammates, position, minutes played, etc. means something.
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