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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by kNicKz
Calipari showing yet again how much of a scumbag he is I can't wait for Kentucky's wins to be vacated like every other college he has coached at
From comments:

The folks at UK have explained what happened on the free throw dance in the first half versus Louisville. The foul was called on Russ Smith of Louisville, but the UK bench assumed the referee called the foul on the Poythress drive. They said Alex should be the shooter, assuming the foul had been called on Montrezl Harrell, not Russ Smith. The official came over to the official scorer, called the foul on Smith and said that #22 (Poythress) was the shooter. Of course, that would be impossible if the foul was actually on Smith. Since the referee did seem to blow the whistle and call the foul on Smith, it looks like it is a case of the referee himself getting confused as to who got fouled and the referee incorrectly assigning Poythress the shots instead of Noel.
What a shock, referees screwed up. It wasn’t the only time during yesterday’s game.
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