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Default Re: The Fiscal Cliff

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Then why couldn't Boehner get his own party to agree to his proposal? On the surface it called for tax hikes on those making $1 million+ but in reality it was laden with loopholes that would've provided that bracket c. $50K on average in tax breaks while the burden would shift to middle class families.

Hint: Making sure millionaires don't have to pay a handful of points more in taxes (even with loopholes) supersedes any concern over spending for House Republicans.

You can't say that Democrats killed a deal when Republicans kill their own leader's proposals. They can't agree among themselves, but it's the Democrats' fault that a bipartisan agreement wasn't reached? Are you drunk right now?
Boehner couldn't get his own party to agree to the proposal because it had absolutely nothing to do with spending cuts, only about punishing the successful.
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