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Default Re: The difference 1 or 2 games make

Originally Posted by elementally morale
Has Duncan become a better player after the Spurs beat the Pistons? Has Kobe become any better after that 2010 Finals? If anything, it was Garnett's big loss. He would have a reputation of a winner now, had Boston won that title.

Would Steve Nash be a better player if not for Horry's hipcheck that game?

Do you mean literally become a better player? Or the perception? I think they were all the same players, but the perception is much better. A Ring really makes you that much better in peoples eyes. If Nash had a ring he would without a doubt be looked at much better than he is now.

EDIT: Ex.. All rational basketball fans can agree that LeBron is the best player in the game. If Durant wins a ring this year, come preseason next year, it will be back to a debate just because Durant got that ring.

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