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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Originally Posted by BallsOut
The point is that fapping causes fatigueness. I know every night I fap and the next morning I have to get up for work, I feel noticeably more tired than if I hadn't fapped the night before. This is why most people have sex Friday night as studies show. They need the energy for the working week. What you experienced was most likely a coincidence.
Originally Posted by BuGzBuNNy
Its for a good cause, man. For me, fapping directly brings about stress, sleepiness/laziness, hunger, buncha unproductiveness. When I've gone on good stretches without fapping I feel like superman.

Hmm, maybe I'm different. When I'm not fapping it usually means I'm contemplating on things too much. Things that are non-sex related, depressing things like my job, my income, etc. Usually when I'm active, fapping is a part of that activity.
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