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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I'm convinced we don't watch the same games. I must be watching some other Knicks team in another league or something. Pablo Prigioni is GARBAGE on offense. It takes him the full 8 seconds to get the ball up court if someone is defending him. He almost never wants to shoot the ball. THATS why he gets guys involved. Because he knows he can't do anything himself. It's easy to be unselfish when you suck on offense. That's like sayng Brewer isn't selfish. Yea...because he has no reason to NOT pass the ball lol. We don't need any more guys who don't want to shoot. Our offense looks like hot potato. Nobody wants the ball until Melo or JR gets it. You guys can get on Felton all you want, but someone has to shoot the ball. At some point, someone has to shoot the damn ball. You only get 24 seconds. It's not like he's taking bad, contested shots. Problemis, a lot of you guys base what's a good shot on whether it's going in or not.
For someone who can't shoot and don't wanna shoot, they shoot BETTER than the guy who wont stop shooting.

43% 34% from three 90% at the line.

Felton dreams he can do this, and that's from a guy who would rather NOT SHOOT AT ALL.

Sometimes a good shot is the one you dont take, but actually find a better shot.
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