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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Only 1 losing season in his career. Went to a SB in his 2nd season. His defense and running game was generally somewhere in the 20s. Not that I rank QBs by wins and losses, but it's a part of it. I place much less value on it than a lot do. I don't know why you're saying "with the exception for Marino" for, though. Not winning a SB is always brought up when his name comes up. "...but, he didn't win a Super Bowl."

Uh, isn't that why you rank Montana so highly?

The **** are you talking about? Of course Marino is in the discussion.
I agree with everything you said and the arguments but even tho I'm a biased dolphin fan I can admit that he can't compare to tom brady and montana because rings are just a huge factor to general fans but he will always be my favorite/greatest QB and I think he is the GOAT QB from a pure talent standpoint but that's just my opinion. I miss Marino he was like my Porn in the good old days Hopefully tannehill (QB in my avy) can end this drought of bad QBs since my marino.
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