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Default Re: Good Rap/Hip-Hop Thread

hi guys
my top 10 albums/mixtapes of the year

10. mouse on tha track - millionaire dreamzzz

favorite song: mouse on tha track - raise a finger

9. king louie - drilluminati

favorite song: king louie - my hoes they do drugs

8. key nyata - phonkilation

favorite song: key nyata - pitch black

7. smoke dza - rugby thompson

favorite song: smoke dza - new jack

6. 100s - ice cold perm

favorite song: 100s - slow drip

5. lil ugly mane - mista thug isolation

favorite song: lil ugly mane - bitch i'm lugubrious

4. future - pluto

favorite song: future - turn on the lights

3. riff raff - the golden alien

favorite song: riff raff - lil mama i'm sorry

2. spaceghostpurrp - mysterious phonk

favorite song: spaceghostpurrp - the black god

1. lil b - god's father

favorite song: lil b - sf mission music

honorable mentions:
fat trel - nightmare on e street
lil champ fway - neighborhood superstar est.1999
children of the night - queens... revisited
western tink - chillin like a civilian
pepperboy - nitetime


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