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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club


5-10 PM feeding time.
Green Smoothies (Kale, Broccoli, Radish, Pineapple, Coconut Oil) blended
Egg whites cooked with grass-fed butter, garlic, onion
1 Lb of turkey or chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Can of Tuna or Sardines
Handful of almonds
Piece of fruit

Aiming for 2300 kcals or so.

This is about as clean as it gets. Should really boost the energy a lot.

NYG and shiver I'm with you on the bodyweight battle.

Gonna add sprints every other day.

Then do this split:
1) Push + Abs
One arm Push up Progerssion
Hand Stand Pushup
Leg Lifts
Janda Sit Ups

2) Pull + Legs
Chin Up
Pull Up
L-pull up
Pistol Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat
Calf Raises

Best part is it only takes 20-25 minutes, you don't break a sweat, and YOU DO NOT FEEL FATIGUED. Won't erally give slabs of muscle any tiem soon but its a steady strength game and if you take low rests, keeps the heart up.

Good. Leaves pelnty of time to focus on otha thingz.
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