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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Originally Posted by BallsOut

A few questions for ya:

1) What's the point of taking 5 minute cold showers?
2) shouldn't you be sleeping more than 4-6 hours daily?
3) why you be messing with squirrels dawg?

1) Cold showers are therapeutic. Look it up. Increased testosterone, increased blood circulation, more efficient C02-02 exchange. I also like the mental effect of it. Some peopel become slaves to their comforts, their La-Z-Boy furniture, their warm jacuzzis, trips to the spa their cozy comforters and beds, their 76 degree indoor heating during the winter and 68 degree Ac'ed rooms during the summer. I prefer the tough, grueling life cuz it keeps me unsatisfied and perpetually hungry.

2) Yes. But quality of sleep is more important. People who meditate, have less emotional baggage, eat more greens, have more test and hgh, breathe slower, and well stress less are obv gonna need less sleep.

3) Lol I was playing ball at a playground and some cheeky little squirrel through some snow at me from the treetops above, came down to get an acorn, so I wanted to see if I could intimidtate that sunnovuabich
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