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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
SEC teams looks meh in this bowl season. Teams like Michigan and Nebraska really aren't that good.

Maybe the reason why the conference looked so deep was because it was down as a whole. Of course they could lose every bowl game from here on out except the National Championship, and no one will say a peep.
I think plenty of people have admitted the SEC was down this year. LSU had a bunch of injuries and some suspensions on defense so they weren't what they were supposed to be. People fell in love with Alabama because of how bad they beat-up on some "ranked" teams early in the season that actually sucked (Michigan and Arkansas), but they lost something like 8 or 9 starters from last year's defense and Trent Richardson. Anyone with a brain knew they wouldn't be as good as they were last year.

Arkansas had the Petrino scandal, lost to UL-Monroe, everyone started getting hurt, and their season was in the shitter by week four. They went from being a top 10 team the last two years to being maybe top 75. And Auburn, another usual solid SEC team, was even worse than Arkansas and really, really bad by Auburn standards; well, really bad by most school's standards actually. I guess Ole Miss was better than the last couple of years but all they really needed to do for that to happen was show-up and finish all 12 games on the schedule. A&M was good, and looked really good at times, but I think part of that had to do with teams like Arkansas and Auburn being terrible (like Ole Miss, Kentucky, Vandy level bad when they're usually at least solid 7-9 win teams) and LSU not being anywhere close to as good as everyone thought.

The SEC East I think just looked better than usual in comparison to a down SEC West, but Florida, UGA, and South Carolina were all flawed teams. Vandy was decent, and Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri sucked.

So yeah, the SEC was down but, to be honest, college football as a whole was "down" too.
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