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Default Re: Black Monday Thread (Firings)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Nice thread irondarts.

Damn Browns got rid of Heckert?

I like Mike McCoy on that HC candidate list. Anyone know anything about the Falcons OC? If Eagles cant land a proven HC I rather go for a assistant on a winning team. Over college coaches.
Been pretty much common knowledge in Cleveland that Heckert was done, even though the vast majority of the fans (myself included) thought he did a great job with personnel the last few years and wanted him to remain. Still, it isn't surprising that a guy who just paid $1 billion for the franchise wants to bring his own regime in.

Heckert's days were numbered the minute word leaked of Haslam buying the team. Now, we just have to hope he is able to find a suitable replacement, because if he doesn't, it is going to come back on him. The fans were behind Heckert, by and large.

The stance right now is basically, "OK, Haslam... We'll give you a fair shake and a chance to bring in your people, but it better produce results."

We'll see.
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