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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by RapsFan
My goal was to open the discussion regarding the waiver system because it's simply a flawed system. It's not about one GM or another, it's about making the league better.

As for the number of keepers, lowering to 3 was actually brought up well before we started to draft. Again, people's opinions are motivated by what helps their team. Brwnman of course wants 4 keepers, he'd probably want more. I just want us to set rules that are better overall for the league. I feel 52 players kept is far too many.

Zan - your non drafted waiver rule is interesting for sure. The issue with any of those rules is that in a keeper league, your place in the standings may or may not be correlated to your keepers. You could win and have great keepers or bad keepers. Because it's variable, having any rules that are based on where you ended the season in the standings related to keepers is tough.

We never said we were going to lower it to 3. It was a discussion that we were having, I don't think we ever got to a point where we said that was the case. It was still being discussed during the draft. 4 keepers is the right amount of keepers...
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