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Default Re: Clippers' Opponents During Their Streak Have a Combined Record of 164-234

I'm a Clippers fan and I know that their record is somewhat misleading. To be fair tho, they have beat some good teams and have completely destroyed many, not even the best teams dominate as much as they have. Today's game was somewhat of a fluke since they couldn't make anything. They were getting many many good looks, but they simply weren't falling, and getting beat on the boards doesn't help either.

I do see the Clips going deep in the post season but eventually lose due to their weak post game. Blake's numbers are nice and all, but he still isn't a consistent low post work horse, and while Jordan has improved, he's not somebody that you can go to consistently in the post. They're also a trigger happy team that simply jacks up too many jumpers (well…. almost every team does).

Clippers won't win unless they get a good low post scorer.
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