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Default Re: Clippers' Opponents During Their Streak Have a Combined Record of 164-234

Originally Posted by bdreason
They weren't just beating teams... they were beating teams senseless. Clippers are a well built team for getting regular season wins, and are a lock for a top 4 seed IMO. What happens when they get to the playoffs, the game slows down, and the rotation tightens, is still to be seen. I'm still not completely sold on their half court offense.

Clippers are only slightly worse than OKC in the halfcourt according to a brilliant breakdown I saw this week that broke down ppp in all scenarios, tempo etc. Basically the conclusion was the Clippers were slightly above average in the halfcourt at about 14th ranked. Now you have to remember the Clippers are ranked 20th in tempo and actually prefer to pace themselves. People see the highlights and assume it's a Run N Gun team which is false.

The Clippers fastbreaks are generated by being number 1 in the league in steals, turnovers forced and near the top in blocks. In otherwords it's their defense, not them running an uptempo system. So as long as the Clippers can play defense consistently in the playoffs it won't matter if the game slows down or not, they will impose their will on teams.

As for OKC... ironically the Clippers have had a tougher strength of schedule so it's weird to see OKC fans of all people constantly bringing up the weaker competition. It's hard to beat bad teams by an average of 15+ ppg.
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