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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by bluechox2
i think we lost focus in the 2nd when we tried to get amare going thinking "we got 2 superstars now, it be ok if we go down by 20"

our defense has become crap day by day...dont remember seeing the defense we played early on anymore
Our defense is TERRIBLE.

We were a top5 defense at the start of the year. Right now we're 20th in defensive rating. Considering we played great defense in the first 5 games you can come to conclusion that we've been a BOTTOM 5 defensive team in the league for the last 20 games.

You can say what you want about our record but the defense has been poor. Luckily everyone was hot on offense so we won games despite not playing defense. Nights when no one besides Melo and J.R. are hot are happening more and more often and that's why we will continue to play .500 ball or even worse until the defense improves to at least decent level.

We're 2-4 in our last 6 games. Just look at points allowed in the last 6 games:
vs Chicago - 110 points allowed
vs Minnesota - 91 points allowed
@ LA Lakers - 100 points allowed
@ Phoenix - 96 points allowed
@ Sacramento - 106 points allowed
vs Portland - 105 points allowed

And there has been a lot of terrible defensive games throughout the season. Allowing 131 and 109 against Houston,allowing 114 to Dallas,106 to Denver,107 to Lakers,102 to Cavs and 105 to Memphis.

Let's forget about our 8-2 start for a second. We're 12-8 since then and looking worse and worse by each game. Our defense has been poor,same can be said about the rebounding. We need to get back to playing like we did early in the season or our record will become mediocre very soon.

I can't wait for Shump to get back. I know he can't do it all by himself but he'll certainly help a lot.

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