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Default Is Andre Miller the Oracle?

Andre Miller is one of the few good long-term players that have never had a good nickname. This got me thinking at first I was like damn the Matrix would be a epic nickname for him than I rememberd Marion had it than another nickname came into my head The Oracle and heres why
  • The Oracle is old and tubby, Andre in NBA terms is old and hes been packing a bit of extra weight for a long time now
  • The amazing ability to see things before they happend, both Andre and the Oracle can see plays happending before they occur this is why Miller is top 10 in all time assists and probably the greatest alley-hop passer of all time.
  • The Oracle in the famous scene tells Neo don't worry about the vase which Neo drops and destories, on the basketball court Miller tells Javale "don't worry about the ally" Javale says "what all........"before he finishes saying it he drops the ball from 20 feet in the air and destories the rim on the way down.
  • To top it all off who else would better to tell Javale "you are not the one" other than Miller?

The name makes to much sense if you ask me
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