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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by brwnman
I suggested that we have no keepers at round 1 and round 2. So you continuously have top players available every draft. However, 4 keepers should remain. I get royally screwed otherwise. I drafted as if it were 4 and thought it was a suggestion and not something that we were actually doing. Now if we want to change it the year after next, that can be discussed and agreed upon before the draft. Also, the whole point of a keeper league is to draft well and set up for future years if you suck. Making it harder to keep guys would just mean the guys who are near the lower end to pretty much not be active. Especially if you can't keep guys from the waiver...
So now your just admitting that you're gonna get screwed. But then if we do what you suggest we are pretty much all screwed in comparison to you. Moving from 3 keepers from 4 keepers wouldn't be to much of a drastic change. If anything it would create more parity within the league.
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