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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Yes, this is all a realistic possibility, but as i posted before, it aint the defense.

Our defense doesn't make the team have 6 turnovers in the first quarter, and two to three guys in the starting lineup that are no threat to score.

The team has always been a "second half of the game" defense team....was holding team to 36 ppg in the second half.
What the hell are you talking about ? DEFENSE (it's better to say lack of) is the main reason we're losing games along with REBOUNDING.

Our offense is fine. Knicks are 2nd in offensive rating,therefore their offense is elite. They are on pace to set the record at taking the care of the ball and are 4th in 3-pt % despite shooting like 30 of them per game.
There are nights where it seems like no one besides Melo or J.R. can score but it doesn't stop them from scoring over 100 points regularly.

On the other hand Knicks are 20th in defensive rating,23rd in FG% allowed,23rd in 3-pt% allowed. Our rebounding is horrible too,25th in rebounding differential.


If our defense and rebounding was average (15th in the league) we would be somewhere around 25-6 right now and not 21-10.
We're winning games solely because of our offense because defense and rebounding is nowhere to be found expect for like 5-10 minutes per game.

You can't go down by 15-20 points every game and then expect to come back and win it. Our 1st half defense has been horrible all year long and that's what makes us fall behind early.
Just look at the 1st quarter scores in the last 6 games:
vs Chicago 23-30
vs Minnesota 22-29
@ LA Lakers 23-25
@ Phoenix 27-29
@ Sacramento 23-32
vs Portland 23-30

Our offense hasn't been great in 1st quarters but 23.5 points over the last 6 games is solid (on pace for 94 per game) but our defense has been horrible (29.2 points allowed,that's on pace for 117 points per game). We've been losing 1st quarters by an average of 5-6 points. That's terrible.
And our halftime scores aren't any better either.
Down by 15 against Chicago,down by 11 against Minny,down by 2 against the Lakers,up by 10 vs Suns,down by 21 vs Sacramento and down by 11 vs Portland.
So we've been down by 10+ at the half in 4 out of our 6 last games.

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