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Default Re: Lettuce be real, George Karl is a moron

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Brilliant is a stretch, better than average is more like it. The Celtics just wanted it more and were the better team that year.

Karl brought the Sonics to the finals in 96. They defeated the 2 time defending champ Rockets, the Jazz who won the west the next two seasons, and took two games from the 96 Bulls.
The job that Doc did in 2008 was one of the best preparation and motivational coaching examples that I've ever witnessed. Remember that he was going up against the Zen master/ringmaster PJax, and that just about everyone gave Phil the big edge in that matchup before the series started.

Well, Doc won it handily, and the accomplishment deserves a lot more than being called "better than average".

As stated in another reply, that Sonics Finals trip was much more about the players than about Karl.
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