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Default Re: Mitchell: I was forced to go easy on Bargnani

Yes, as Chambs said, it was obvious but this just confirms the suspicions. I bet if Jay Triano and Duane Casey could speak openly on their internal conversations they would say the exact same thing. Even this season, games that Bargs should've clearly been on the bench in favor of Ed Davis but yet he was still getting 35 minutes+. And then saying Bargnani's play is unacceptable but giving him free range to jack up 3's and jog up and down the floor.

"He just doesn't seem like he has the passion for the game. It don't seem like it's important enough to him."
And that pretty much sums up why I don't like the guy. He has been given 50 million reasons to give a shit and he still doesn't. Get him out of here.
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