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Default Re: How doesnt this hit get its own thread?!

Originally Posted by Carbine
Block him.

Lewan's long arms, quick feet and good balance helped him protect the edge against Clowney's speed rush. The South Carolina defender had been able to simply explode off the corner to beat many SEC offensive tackles so talent evaluators questioning whether Lewan had the foot speed to remain at left tackle in the NFL were left satisfied.

Clowney, however, is far from just a speed rusher. His ability to jab-step outside and counter back to the inside gave Lewan problems. Clowney's agility led to Lewan grabbing hold of his jersey on multiple occasions, drawing a flag late in the second quarter. Clowney also possesses an impressive over-arm swim move, which he used, at times, when Lewan would drop his head upon contact.

“It’s one of those things where he and I earned respect for each other,” Lewan said. “I said, ‘You’re the best defensive end I’ve ever played against.’ He looked right back in my eyes and said, ‘You’re the best tackle I’ve ever played against.’ ”

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