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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I don't have any issue with top guys being kept, I have an issue with 52 guys being kept which will usually be mostly very good players. Also, it can take a lot of firepower to acquire one of those guys, so to make a change like that truly changes everything and a lot of teams. You'd almost have to start the league over from scratch. If people want a guy like that, draft well and make a big offer to get them is my opinion.

If you're so worried about very good players being kept, then don't let GMs keep their first two round picks. That should be the real issue.

You don't need firepower. You need another GM with a first round caliber player. Anyone would trade Durant for Paul (plus some insignificant pieces to even it out) if it meant losing them for nothing next year. It happens every year.

If you remove that rule, the quality of those 52 will go dramatically down. You'll have GMs keeping not as good players if they haven't drafted well or prepare for next year...
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