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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by bokes15
Having 3 keepers affects all of us really though. Because it puts 13 more top guys in the draft pool and really actually forces us to draft a little better. It also kind of helps with that whole waiver debate. Because now your keepers become more valuable so there will be less of those sleeper waiver selections that become round 11 guys when they are worth much higher than that.

it doesn't put 13 top guys. It just put 13 guys who may or may have not been kept depending on how the teams drafted and made trades.

Again I have no issues with top guys being kept. Durant I think started as a 4 th rounder, could be wrong, Love as well. So there is your drafting well argument. I have a problem with the number of people kept. 52 isfive rounds worth of guys kept. Too many.

I do have issues with top guys being kept at round 1. It has no strategy associated with it. 52 is 4 rounds. If it's the rounds you have trouble with, add in another round.
Question brwnman, if you make a suggestion and the majority of the league doesn't agree to it, do you consider that as unfair? Similarly, if someone else makes a suggestion and the majority agree to that and you don't, is it unfair? Because it's looking like if we were to do your suggestion there wouldn't be an uproar from you about it.
If I make a suggestion, and majority disagrees, that's fine. They can reject my 2 round keepers idea, not a big deal. Same thing goes with the other scenario. However, I am not proposing my suggestion to start this upcoming draft. It wouldn't be fair; I can definitely agree with that if that's where you're heading with your comment. I was talking about finalizing it before the draft next year and the rule will apply the year after...
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