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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by bokes15
You get angry at RF and threaten to get rid of players for the hell of it and next thing you know you're shipping off Cousins for Nene? You cannot convince me that it wasn't done purposefully because you were upset about not getting your way. You flat out said you were gonna do it and then you went out and did it. Lopsided deals happen where one manager outwitts the other. I'm fine with those, but this one was done with a specific purpose and that's why it shouldn't be tolerated.

wtf? Where did I say I am making deals for the heck of it? I do remember saying I will make deals (since now I have 3 keepers); but I don't remember saying I will be getting rid of players for the hell of it.

I have clearly stated as to why I'm trading Cousins. He is a consistent 12 10 3 with 1.5/2 stls guy as a 6th rounder! I'd take that every time...
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