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Default Re: Your Playoff Predictions with a Super Bowl winner.

Originally Posted by D.J.
When you look like you're playing high school teams during the regular season, you're kind of expected to win it all. Too often we've seen the Pats trample the opposition during the regular season often putting up 40+ points, then somehow lose in the playoffs.
We've already discussed this. The Pats have made SBs in recent history (won a few as well, but eople act like that's too long ago to matter). If not winning the SB over the last 4 or 5 years is a sign of weakness then everyone can be ignored but GB.

The Jets and Ravens have both done it since 2009.
Good for them, which puts the Pats' home playoff record at 10-2. With the way they hndled Houston a few weeks ago and the fact Houston is definitely not a proven playoff team I don't like their chances in Foxboro.
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