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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Kobe681
Watched the movie yesterday, I thought it was great.

Can you please fill me in on those bolded parts? Would be fun to know what was left out.

Here's the official script to Django:

During the scene where Django was beaten by the Brittle brothers, Django was making love to his wife. The Brittle Bros. pulled him out/off of his wife and raped her. Django was forced to watch her get raped and beaten.

Hildi's story was a bit on the brutal side. She was sold to a family who wanted to use her as a stand-in wife type figure for their son. Hildi through force of will and guile manipulated her way to a power position in that particular relationship. Everything was going swimmingly until her Boyfriend/Master took her on a night on the town to Greenville, Mississippi to the Cleopatra Club where Candie conned her Boyfriend/Master to losing Hildi in a card game. When the B/M tried to beg his way out of the losing Hildi he was killed by Candie. A naked Hildi tried to run, but was dragged a way kicking and screaming.

After the shootout, Hildi was raped by the fella who fondled Django's balls while he was tied upside down.

Django privately humiliated Stephen. He smacked him around, doused him with a bucket of water, and while Stephen was cowering, Django told him that Stephen was his n*gger now, and would answer to his beck and call at any time.

Without Hildi's scenes Django Unchained is just a boy saves princess movie set in the south.
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