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Default Re: Your Playoff Predictions with a Super Bowl winner.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
I don't think a rookie QB has ever reached the SuperBowl. I see the vision you're attempting to illustrate, but let's not climb out of the crib just yet. You have to crawl before you walk. Walk before you run, and you have to run if you're going to win a SuperBowl, much less play in one.

Seattle will lose in the first round.

Tom Brady(1st year starting), Big Ben(2nd year-) were SB winners on the top of my head. In general Rookie QB's usually struggle and are on rebuilding teams so we really never see rookie QB's dominate the way this years draft class has.

Wilson doesn't seem like the player who'll struggle in the big stage. He's very calm in the pocket, doesn't make many mistakes and isn't relied upon to out gun the competition. I can easily see RG3 or Luck failing due to the heavy burden on their shoulders for a rookie but Wilson isn't relied upon to win as much as they are.

Look at San Fran last year and Seattle's current team is very similar. People weren't expecting Alex Smith to lead them and he basically carried them against New Orleans and the niners as a team were a couple of fumbles from reaching the SB(but yet Alex Smith gets blamed!) This Seattle defense is nasty and physical. But I do see a problem when they play Green Bay at Lambeau, I don't expect Wilson to hang in with Rodgers..
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