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Default Re: Kanye West knocked up Kim K.

Originally Posted by boozehound
here is what you dont seem to get. We know an awful lot about them, because they put much of their private life on public display. You dont just detach your real personality and put on a mask when the camera is on. Kim K is a vapid, self-obsessed bimbo in real life too! and kanye is not much better. Conspicuous consumption for the sake of appearance. Reminds me of the Family Guy where chick from the hills is a PhD in physics? off the set. Sure, Kim K is a deep and sophisticated human being.
they are both geniuses compared to most of the world having kids out there...all the white trash in mobile homes, 14 year old ghetto ass blacks kids having kids, drug addicts, least Kim and Kanye are EMPLOYED lol...never mind the fact that they are beyond successful

Snooki makes Kim K look like a genius....or all the cast of "basketball wives"...or "Flava of Love"...or etc

in the world of baby making and parenting this kid has it well above average...
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