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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
Come on, Rapsfan has always bulllied people to accept horrible trades, with his persistence and nonsense logic... and no trade has ever been vetoed or proposed to be vetoed.

Just two examples, since I am in the league: Rapsfan got two studs in Al Horford and Paul George for Gortat, Hayward and Gee this season. Last season he got Ray Allen (in Boston, when he was ranked around 50) for Isaiah thomas. Ray for Isaiah is comparable to DeMarcus for Nene. A very solid player for a dubious keeper.

Anyway, if you look to Nene's numbers, you have to look to his numbers when he was healthy, that is, when he was in Denver.
He is just 30 now, he can make the same numbers if he wants next season. Brwnman gets a top 40 player in round 6. That's great.

I expect your verbal diarrhea and attacks. We're all adults in the league, nobody bullies anyone into deals. Actually wishing to discuss deals is fun. I don't think I've ever done a deal with you in the entire 1 year you've been in the league. You're sounding foolish.

You're the guy that brings stuff up out of context to try and argue a point. The examples you bring up are case in point. The Isiah and Ray Allen deal you bring up, was a home run for Tabak. Ray played like 15 games from then on, with lower stats and Isiah played 35 games at his peak. Because the Sactown PG situation is a mess this year changes nothing to that deal.

As kmart pointed out, the deal with Funk earlier looks brutal now but it wasn't at the time....context matters. And the difference is nobody said a word about it at the time and Funk didn't do the deal because he was in a pissy mood.
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