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Default Re: Black Monday Thread (Firings)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
No way did we suck if we beat the mighty Bengals this year...

On any given Sunday any team in the NFL can win a football game regardless of who they're playing doesn't matter. What does matter is the result after you add up all those Sundays ending in Week 17. Your team's objective was simple: beat the 'Skins and you're in. Lose and go home. As expected, Tony Romo was Tony NoShow and like the average quarterback he is, him and the 'Boys finished the season with an average 8-8 record. Don't get mad and take your frustration out on the Bengals. The Bengals didn't do shit to you.

Yeah you beat Cincy ... and we beat the world champion Giants, so what's your point? We beat some good teams this season, and we lost to some loser-level teams (such as the Cowboys). In the NFL, anything can happen. The one sure thing we can always be sure of however is that the Dallas Cowboys in the Romo era will never make it past the 2nd round of any given post season, and more often than not averagely missing the playoffs on any average year. I don't care if Romo throws 40 touchdowns and half as many interceptions during the regular season with a QBR of 95+ ... all that doesn't matter jack shit once the bell rings and the NFL's best go at it in do-or-die situations - b/cuz once that bell rings and the spotlight is on Romo, it's lights out for Dallas.

It's all good though, because Jerry Jones know what he doing, right? COME ON MAN.

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