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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
I usually don't say a word when I send one of those offers. I just send them. You try to confuse people with numbers. I mean, you have won the league every season until last season. You have to know better than you appear when you use those misleading stats.

Stats are stats, you can't change them to be misleading. The fact that you are suggesting using stats in a trade offer being a bad thing is funny. Right now I am shopping Dragic. I haven't talked to a GM or offered him to any GM that looks like they can't use additional assits. Actually putting thought into a deal I think is more efficient then sending out a slew of offers you know wont be accepted. But everyone can play their own way.

You are doing your typical spin job to deflect what this discussion is really about. Not everything you talk about has to be regarding me. It's weird.
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