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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

I've been waiting for this to be posted. Obviously, this is something I have intimate knowledge of and, having said that, I can tell you that the media blizzard and sensationalism currently underway is as stunning as it is irresponsible.

I'm currently at work, so I can't go too far into specifics, but suffice to say this whole blaming of the city and character assassinations of people who had absolutely no role in any of this is mind-blowing.

Even more astounding is the head in the sand mindset of the readers/responders to these baseless claims and universal condemnation of everyone and anyone, regardless of level of involvement. The national media has been painting a picture of some sort of city-wide cover-up without an iota of proof.

The trial starts next month. None of these people even know the details of what exactly happened that night. I agree that statements made by that kid at Ohio State were disgusting and I have no sympathy for him in his being outed. But, I know most of the coaching staff and some others who have been implicated in this thing and there is zero proof of any wrongdoing. Reno Saccoccia is one of the greatest people I have ever known... He is like a second father to me and he has always been one of the most morally sound individuals I have ever known. It really rips my heart out that he is being portrayed in such a vicious light. He doesn't deserve it, nor does the city deserve to be painted as an accomplice to the alleged crimes of a handful of idiot teenagers.

It is really interesting to bear witness to sensationalism first-hand. I can tell you, until you've witnessed it up-close and personal, you have no idea how insane it is.
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