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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by heyhey
I liked this movie quite a bit. This along with Moonrise Kingdom are my two favorite movies of the year and actually felt worth of the price of admission. the premise felt so hokey but the characters make it watchable and have a lot of heart and depth. still don't know what I think about the ending, but it's one of those feel good wish fulfillment that at least placate my emotional sensibilities if not my cerebral ones.

The way you describe it is exactly how I felt about it. The acting coupled with the quirks was charming. The story itself lacked a certain something, it could have been solidified with a bit more depth and creativity. That's probably why the ending leaves us wanting more, because it seemed like it ended just as the intrigue started. Was still good enough for me though, I enjoyed it. It could have gone from good to great if the ending what a bit less open ended. Character wise thought I liked it alot, very charming and off beat in its comedic aspects.
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