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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by Toni
I have seen RF make some pretty outrageous deals during the past few seasons. I remember him getting Kevin Love for scrap change, among others.

If someone wants Nene as a 6th round keeper for next season, then let them deal whoever they want for that player. We shouldn't be collectively getting involved.

I myself have offered some pretty valuable players lately to acquire more keeper prospects since my season is basically lost. I would be pretty damn pissed off if I don't get the keeper I want because I traded a superior player for him or if there are some power struggle issues because of where that team is in the standings.

That's just my opinion. But it looks as though this trade will be vetoed and that seems to compromise the integrity of the league more than anything else. We each have our own teams and we are each independent managers that should be able to deal who we want to get whatever player(s) we wish to acquire.

Thanks Toni. One for the non veto team. As I said before, this discussion isn't because FC got Cousins even though I know some will feel that is the reason for concern. I don't think Funk is stating his opinion about it being a horrible deal because FC was the recipient. I also believe their is a 0% change Nene will be kept by brwnman. I think it was done out of anger and spite.

As for the Love deal, we've obviously discussed that in length...the deal where some of the scraps I gave up were an under round 1 value Kevin Durant, so I'll leave it alone. Big thing there is nobody was doing it because they were mad at a rule change.

I won't make eveyrone happy here whatever happens.
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