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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Completely false. The email account has already been published. The kids sent him no pictures. He received pictures from a girl who was clearly over the age of consent.... And she sent him the pictures, not some high school kid.

There is no question, at this point, that he was wrongfully implicated. In fact, the girl whose picture they pointed to as the "victim" from Louisville, Ohio, I actually know. She graduated from Big Red in the late-90s.

It is fascinating to me that people are just going to blindly believe this stuff. They said it... Must be true.
You're the last person we can trust on this, really. The football culture invades everyone in small towns like that and leads them to defend stupid things and cover up worse ones.

See: Penn State.

Regarding Jim Parks:

At least one of the images discovered in James Parks E-Mail bore a striking resemblance to another rape victim Savannah Dietrich whose attack occurred in Louisville, Kentucky under similar circumstances as Steubenville.
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