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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by Droid101
You're the last person we can trust on this, really. The football culture invades everyone in small towns like that and leads them to defend stupid things and cover up worse ones.

See: Penn State.

Regarding Jim Parks:

So, you are just going to believe it? That's it. He's involved in a meticulous teenage raping ring and the evidence is a picture of a girl who looks very little like a girl in a town nowhere close to Steubenville who was apparently raped?

This is exactly the mindset I'm talking about. Go download his emails and I defy you to find anything remotely relating to any kind of rape ring in any of them. Or, you could just believe it because some anonymous person on the Internet said so.

It is absurd.

Originally Posted by Myth
Where are the people in the town defending the victim?

People have stepped up to defend the football players, but nobody has stepped up in that town to the media to say that there are more important things than football. That is the part that makes me upset at the townsfolk.

The outrage immediately following the alleged incident (which happened six months ago) was palpable in the city. Much of the community -- myself included -- had nothing but condemnation about what was alleged and expressed a massive amount of sympathy for the girl.

My feelings haven't changed about the girl and the kids involved. What has changed is the narrative being exploited by the media. It is hard not to get defensive when people are essentially accusing you of being an accomplice to a rape.

This case is no longer strictly about the incident. It has become a hit-piece on an entire city, the majority of which had nothing to do with anything involving any of this stuff.
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