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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

As for the RapsFan thing that FC discussed, I think it's pretty lame to put "persistence" in the same category as cheating. I have been one of the most outspoken posters about some of the deals that RF has pulled off over the years, such as the ones that were already mentioned. BUT, we all know how he plays the game. He gets those trades done because he'll give you a long explanation for an offer when he sends it. If you don't agree with that one, he'll PM you and try and work out tweaking it and switching up the players and exhaust all options before letting it go. And sometimes I think he sets up so many deals on the table that you accept one thinking it's fair at the time and maybe later seeing that it's not. But of all the deals he's made, they are a situation where the person he traded the player(s) to felt the deal was fair at the time. And obviously, each person's individual goal is to get the best out of the trade whether that be an even trade, or an advantage for them. I can't fault anyone for that whether I personally like it or not.

But really, how believable is it that a guy with a 5th round D-Rose, Bynum that he picked up off waivers, Ryan Anderson, Joakim Noah, John Wall, Asik, Ty Lawson, etc... would trade Demarcus Cousins with the intention of KEEPING Nene? And even moreso the fact that the trade was made in a middle of an argument about keepers right after he said he was gonna pull off some trades because of it. Do you guys really believe that story?
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