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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
Everybody should know by now that the key point for keepers is the round they go. And Nene is round 6. From that list of players, IF Nene plays well the second half of the season, he'd be the second best keeper after DRose.
Noah round 3 when DRose is back? no keeper value.
Ryan Anderson is an option, but is playing from the bench
Wall is questionable at round 4.
Asik is a BAD fantasy player in a 9-cat league.
Lawson is playing badly.
Bynum goes in round 3, even if he was dropped and taken from waivers. Too injury prone.
I know that you have an explanation for just about everything, but can you tell me what incentive he would have to acquire more keeper options when he has one less keeper selection. And why right after saying he already has his 3 keepers (currently on his team) and therefore has no reason left to play for the rest of the season he would send you Cousins for Nene?
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