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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
It is too early in the season to know who your keepers will be. It is a better option to have more than 4 candidates
The question was, after just saying he has his 3 keepers already, AND that Cousins was not one of them (meaning 3 guys who are still on his roster right now) what reason would he then have to trade him to you for Nene? I think pretty much nobody but you and him (the two guys involved in making the trade) would try to make a legit argument that there aren't 3 guys on his roster more worthy of a draft spot than Nene (and YES, with round values taken into account). And even if you could (it's a MAJOR reach), being that Cousins is a top 3 center and that Centers are the most desired position, i'm willing to guess that anyone in the league with the intention of winning this season would've made a play for him and probably given up more to get him if the opportunity presented itself. Someone who is not playing to win wouldn't have reason to jump at an offer like that as you said this early into the season.
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