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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
Truth is, I respect brwnman as a poster...and maybe I'm being a bit short sighted here. But I'd like to think he had a reason to make that move (besides spite). And if he truly did make that move out of anger (or whatever) maybe he regrets it?..not sure

Hence...I'd like to hear more from brwnman.
Both as a poster and as a player i've never had an issue with brwnman, and I don't think many others have either. So it's most definitely not a personal thing. It wouldn't matter if the ever so likeable Chambs did it or if someone who has caused lots of drama like beastnani or FC did it. Wrong is wrong. If he were to step up and say "yes I made the deal cuz I was pissed, shouldn't have done" it's wiped as far as i'm concerned. But now, not only do I highly question the deal and the motivations behind it, but I wonder what more he's gonna do going forward.
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