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Default Re: Mitchell: I was forced to go easy on Bargnani

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
I'd really like to see lilbeastnani's reaction to this. Not to be a dick or anything, but we've all pretty much made up our minds about Bargnani/Colangelo, just wondering if he has a different take on things. Where you at beast?
Didn't even notice this thread or comment with all the focus I been putting into the fantasy league.. but I will say this. No matter what coach he got in Italy, in the NBA, in whatever league or team he plays on he was never gonna be Kevin Garnett. Even a hardass coach like Popovic wouldn't mold him into KG. That's an unfair expectation. His game is different than that. Just like how early on everyone wanted Dirk to be like Tim Duncan until they realized he just has a different style of play. I think a different team would've suited him better than a tougher coach, just my opinion.
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