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Default Re: Mitchell: I was forced to go easy on Bargnani

Yeah, he was kind of forced into a bad situation when he got here with Bosh already being here. I don't know why Colangelo thought it would work.

Nobody expected him to be a KG type player though.

It's not inconceivable to think that if Mitchell had been tougher on him that he would have reached Dirk-like abilities. Dirk was pretty soft and perimeter oriented when he came into the league also, but he's learned to play in the post, rebound and be a pretty good defender.

I think another thing Mitchell is referring to is Bargnani's apparent lack of focus/drive. I think he feels that if he was able to light a fire under his ass, Bargnani would play with a lot more passion.

That's just one man's opinion. There are plenty of ways Mitchell's comments can be translated, but it still confirms a suspicion we all had.
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