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Default Re: Mitchell: I was forced to go easy on Bargnani

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
I think that Mitchell thought/thinks that he was a better coach than he is due to us winning that one Atlantic division title in a soft year when we were the only +.500 team in our division and as a 3rd seed got taken out by the 6 seed Nets. To say that a coach that was harder on him might've made him improve more on some of his weaknesses is not inconceivable, but to say that coach would be Sam Mitchell I would say is an overstatement.

Agreed. I'm not saying Mitchell was that coach, but in his mind he probably was. I just think that's what he means (as opposed to making the KG comparison).

I also hate how overrated that 2006 team was. Jason Kidd missed the majority of the year and the Nets were not in a playoff position AT ALL until he came back. When he came back they went on a tear. They were clearly the best team in the Division. Also, the Sixers still sucked, the Knicks still sucked, and the Celtics were the worst team in the league (I remember because I was hoping they'd tank and get Durant/Oden, but ended up with the 5th pick after the lottery, which led to the KG/Allen moves).

So yeah, that years Atlantic division "championship" was a god damn sham.
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