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Default Re: JR Smith vs Jamal Crawford for 6th Man of The Year

Watched JR Smith since his crazy HS all star game, and when he was with NO.

I never thought he'd play....well as well as he has these past few weeks. The guy is crazy talented, he's got me believing that he could make something of it.

he still takes bad shots out of one on one situations, but his overall decision making is like night and day this year. He got off to a 6th man of the year start as good as his current hot streak, then had a cold streak that you're used to if you've watched JR, but even during that cold streak he was playing hard defensively and trying to make plays for others rather than shoot bad jumpers.

I'd be proud of him if he can keep up this style of play, but I'll believe if it lasts past the all star break. Right now, at least, give me Kevin Martin or Jamal Crawford as my sixth man...simply because I trust them more. But JR is the 6th man of the year at this moment of this short season.
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