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Default Re: PS4 Won't Play Used Games

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
I'm somewhat okay with this if the cost of games gets cut by 66%, which won't happen.

BTW, what's stopping people from sharing their PSN passwords if this goes through?

Another good point. If the price point drops this will be understandable, but let's be realistic, quality new titles will still be $60 USD new and $50 for middle tier, etc. Let's just hope a new PS4 isn't MSRP of something in the neighborhood of $900 USD.

It wouldn't surprise me. Sony when it comes to the gaming industry are prideful, stubborn, arrogant pieces of shit. Yes, I own a PS3, but I only purchased one last year, and only because I was bored and wanted to play Little Big Planet (which sucked BTW).

Microsoft/XBOX is where it's at. Oh no! You have to pay to play online! Well, if you're an online gamer, and you've tested the difference between the two, anyone in their right mind would be more than glad to pay whatever the fee is because the differences between the two are like night and day.

Don't let someone like phoenix18, PowerGlove or whatever that queer goes by these days tell you differently. Dude just mad he made the wrong purchase decision, living off the old hype of the PS2 and when it was thriving, which is why I think many people bought a PS3... but I think slowly gamers are realizing Sony is just losing it's grip on the industry and that their counterparts are just kicking their butt... which may be why they're attempting to pull some bullshit like this in the first place.

** also, I don't think PSN passwords are console protected. I think you'd still run into the same issue. Once they hit ANY console, they can only be used on THAT console.
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